Goal Zero Yeti 400 - Portable Power Supply for camping, RV, Traveling, Indoor and Outdoor Living

Goal Zero Yeti 400
Goal Zero Yeti 400 is a portable power supply for many purposes, can use it for camping, RV, cabin, and others outdoor activities by supporting output for USB port (5V), 12 V (6mm jack and car port output), and AC output 110 Volt and 220 Volt. For charging Goal Zero Yeti 400 there are 3 options : by the sun (portable solar panels), by plugging it to regular wall outlet, and by car 12V adapter output.
Yeti 400 will make us live out the grid, but still powering our equipments and gadgets, and that’s make it a nice portable solar generator for luxury camping, without noise and fumed from gasoline or diesel generators.

Bring Your Laptop and Goal Zero Yeti 400 to your favorite spot and work in nature.

Portable Power SupplyGoal Zero Yeti 400 charging LaptopBring your laptop out of your office and work outside is a wonderful thing, but power supply might be the main problem during the task, with Goal Zero Yeti 400 you can charge your laptop up to 5 times, it can mean all day working outside office wall. That would be nice and so refreshing.

So what are you waiting for, find your favorite spot, out of the office noise. Go to the park, cafe, beautiful garden, suburb zone, you name it. Without worried of run out power for your devices.

Yeti 400 use 12Volt-33Ah sealed lead acid battery, and  YES it’s replaceable. There ia a LCD display for checking your charge status during charging by solar panel, wall output or car  power connector. And you still can use your Yeti 400 during the charging, even when the battery is not fully yet.

3 Option to Charge Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Supply

Yeti 400 can be charged in 3 different options, they are :

By The Sun, First option for Goal Zero Yeti 400 charging is by connecting into a compatible solar panel and automatically make your Yeti 400 as Portable Solar Charger (Compatible solar panels for Yeti-400 are : Nomad 20 Solar Panel, Boulder 15 Solar Panel, Boulder 30 Solar Panel, Escape 30 Briefcase, and Boulder 90 Solar Panel).
Plug it on Wall, Second option to charge is Your Goal Zero Yeti is by plugged it electrical wall outlet.
By Car Power Output Connector, Third option to charge is by plugging it into your 12V car adapter / car cigarette adapter.
3 Ways Goal Zero Yeti 400 Power Output Port

Yeti 400 will charge your devices in 3 different port options, they are :

USB port – The USB port is the best charges for all your medium size USB powered input devices.
12V port – The 12V port is the best charges for all your medium 12V powered input devices.
AC Inverter Output – Just plug in your 110V or 220V devices just like you do the hoser 110V or 220V devices just like you do the hoser 110V or e with my Yeti 400 Portable Solar Charger and How many Times ?

There are many devices you can charge with your Goal Zero Yeti 400, such as digital camera (many types including GoPro), Headlamp, smartphone, your tablet, Laptop / notebook, and many others.

Here  are the simple sheet how many times you can charge your regular devices with Yeti 400. Charging will take the same amount of time as you charges them from your wall electical plug in your house.

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Charging times

Portable battery charger

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Technical Specification

Goal Zero Yeti 400 ports

A. Charging Port, This is the port you can connect your wall charger adaptor, portable solar panel output, and 12V car power output.
B. Charging Indicator LED.C. Battery LCD Display, Monitor the input and output power, its an advance feature display indicator of power receiving and power output, display in Amperes, Volts, Watts, Amp Hour and Watt Hour.
D. Backlight for Display.
E. 12V Output port, output for charging your 12 Volt equipments.
F. USB port, use for charging your USB devices.
G. AC output port, use for charging your 220V and 110V AC devices.

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Introduction

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